Saturday, September 17, 2011

Get Interested! It's for your own Benefit!

Over the past 17 months there has been one phrase I have heard often, as a missionary, that has always bugged me a little more than others. That phrase being, "No thanks, I'm not interested right now." When I first got out in the mission field I would leave the situation thinking, "How could you not be interested, it's Jesus Christ we're talking about!" But as I reflected on the statement I thought back on my life and how for years I "wasn't interested" in the Gospel, I wasn't worried about praying, I wasn't down on myself all the times I missed church. Life seemed fine, why should I give interest to something, when I am satisfied with where I am?

The phrase still troubles me today as I think of all the people who will not take the time to listen to the message of the Restored Gospel simply because they feel that life is adequate for their needs as it is. I think back to my life and all the years I wasn't interested, the main, and pretty much only, reason I wasn't interested was because I didn't know what the Gospel of Jesus Christ was. I didn't know all the peace, happiness, insight, direction, comfort, encouragement, and many of the other blessings associated with the message that flowed into my life. I had no clue that it would help define my character and put to use all the traits I had developed from youth up.

It is sad to think that so many people will only find interest in the Gospel when life is at its lowest point, when they are at the last of their list on the search for happiness. And moreover, it is sad that most people will follow the Gospel but as soon as life gets more manageable they will forsake the Christ that has lifted them through their trials and has blessed them with all that they have. I think of how our Heavenly Father must feel as he reaches out to his children to offer a path that will lead them through any trial and eventually back to dwell in His heavenly kingdom.

The challenge that I would give to all who "aren't interested at this time" is to give the message of the restoration a chance and do the things that so many people rely on to bring them peace and serenity in life, little things such as praying, scripture study and attending church. I would guaruntee that if you put forth the effort and put the Gospel to the test and see if it doens't enhance your life, if it doesn't bring greater meaning, if it doesn't paint a clearer picture of life. The Gospel is not just meant to help the lowly in heart or the poor in spirit, it is here to help us all, no matter what background or situation we come from, are currently in or planning to get to. This message is something that is meant for everyone and has the ability to benefit us in any aspect of our lives. I can bear a solid testimony of this truthful message in Chist's name.

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