Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Battle of Good Vs. Evil: Tips to Win!

 I like comic books, not to the extent that I actually read them. Because honestly I rarely read any books besides the gospel. But just so everyone knows it's way better that way because someone else creates the characters and the super powers, their stregnths and weaknesses and their enemies, and I get to make up their story. So in the end it cuts out a lot of the work for me, which is always a benefit in my book.

But in my life of comic book people the battle between good and evil is always very different. One aspect I want to cover is the fact that bad guys always want the attention and good guys rarely take any glory personally. Mainly I'm going to focus on this because I can apply it to the gospel, and most of the people I know wouldn't pay attention if I didn't tie in something worldly.

First off we will look at the villains side of life. They usually come from some weird background where they weren't loved as a kid or they didn't like their boss or something "totally dramatic". They in turn decide that the world owes them something go crazy and decide to build octopus arms on themselves or make a mask that turns them psycho or whatever else they can come up with to help them take their revenge! They end up causing all this even more drama with everyone and taking lives or whatever it might be.

Villains are like the temptations of Satan. No one even likes them but for some reason they won't go away. They are loud and attention hogging. We've all come across one or another maybe a computer pop up shouting at us to click for some fast entertainment (or whatever), or a movie preview telling us "Watch me I'm crude, I can get you to laugh come watch me!", or maybe it's a little more subtle but just as destructive like, "Take this job you'll make tons of money! Money leads to happiness! Don't worry about the sacrifice you'll give up with not having time with your family!" All of these temptations are apparent, loud, attention grabbing, hard to ignore. Frankly, they are everywhere. But yet we are supposed to ignore them, brush them off, stay on the strait and narrow path to eternal life.

Now to the hero, hero's start out being hurt or affected in some way by some bad guy's action and they devote their life to helping those who are afflicted by the trials of evil. They for the most part are pretty humble and silent about their identity and task, for instance they will live in this cave in a side of a mountain when they are ridiculously rich, or they live in this ghetto apartment in New York City (no thanks). They usually only come out when they are needed, when the so to say "cry for help" is made. Most of their technology and skills have to be one step ahead of their villains so that they can effectively carry out their duty.

Hero's are like the spirit, the Holy Ghost. In all the scriptures the instances of the Holy Ghost reaching out to man it is through subtle, humble, quiet ways. Almost never (I say that cause it might be in there somewhere but I can't think of an instance) is it described as shouting at an individual, unless its accompanied by a divine visitation or something like that (which I'm still waiting for my personal one). It touches our inner most feelings, something that if we aren't in tune with, the loud temptations can easily drown out.

So what are we supposed to do to come out triumphant when the battle seems so outweighed? Well let me mention a couple things, first off remember, no one really likes Satan and his temptations, so don't be afraid to step up when you feel something is bad. Secondly, Umm I dunno maybe try to make your life more spiritual so its easier to recognize those signs given to us. Stay one step ahead of the game, that's what Batman does and he's successful. Thirdly don't be intimidated, what would've happened if some hero came up against a bad guy and got scared? "Well that's easy Elder Trujillo", you say "The vilian would end up getting away with murder, quite literally, and who knows when his havoc would've stopped!" That's what I was thinking too! So don't hesitate! If you are hesitating to make the changes in your life whatever it may be to quit an addiction, to learn about the gospel or whatever! Take Nike's advice and "Just Do It"!

I promise you if you heed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, getting rid of all evil, bad and even the "not so good" stuff, your life WILL be blessed. I know this because of two reasons. One, because I did it and am continuing to do it and I love it, it makes me happy, it keeps me safe! Secondly, because Jesus Christ asked us

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