Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Understanding A Mormon: W of W

Everyone seems to have difficulty understanding why Mormons (Latter Day Saints) do what they do. My purpose today is to talk about a topic that many people are like, "What? You guys ask too much."
I wanted to start of talking about cars... cause that's pretty much all I think about... except while I'm on a mission (in case my Mission President is reading ;). But I want to talk about a situation. Imagine you need to go somewhere not near where you live. Lets say you need to go to an interview for a job or a movie role that you are very well qualified for the position and you are sure you'll ace it. If you can make this trip you will be able to grow and experience new things. But you're broke and you ain't got no way of getting there.
Luckily a friend who loves you very much knows how much you can benefit from this trip so he goes out and buys you a nice new reliable car to get you through the trip. so this car is pretty cool, it smells all new, the paint is all shiny, B-E-A-Utiful!

Now, of course you are very grateful for the opportunities this car presents, and you know your friend is very particular about his cars and keeping them in pristine condition. Now hopefully you'd be respectful and grateful enough to not smoke in the car! Or spill a Pepsi in the car and put off the cleaning (hopefully, you'd be more respectful to not spill Pepsi in the first place! ;) Hopefully you would take care of it to honor and show appreciation to your friend.
On February, 27 1833 the Lord reinstated a code of health, so to say, "Showing forth the will or God" known to us as the Word of Wisdom. In the New Testament of the Bible in 1 Corinthians 3:16 we learn, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?" Comparing our bodies as a temple give us and idea of how much God values them. We are taught that we had to get a body to progress in this life, learn what pain, happiness, sorrow, guilt and all that fun stuff is. Without our God given bodies we wouldn't have been able to make this trip. Thus stopping our progression.
As a follower of Jesus Christ when the Word of Wisdom was given, we were instructed to refrain from putting certain substances in our body namely, tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol and illegal drugs. If you understand anything of how Heavenly Father feels , giving us our "car"(body) to make this much needed trip, we would follow gladly his desires to help keep it clean and in top condition.
I can only imagine at the second coming when God and Christ  are "preparing" our "bodies", "cars", "temples", however you want to look at it, for the Resurrection and they cry at some of the things they have to clean or repair because of the amount of appreciation we showed for this wonderful opportunity.
So pick out your favorite car, for me I'd like to think of myself as a Mercedes Mclaren SLR
 Yeah I can see that, for my brother it would probably be a Saleen S7...

Except with a moustache of course.
Now that you have your car picked out recognize what God has given you to make this trip and show gratitude through how you treat it! That is just a little analogy of why Mormons do one of the things they do. I know that this is true because I live it and feel of its blessings. Thank You for attending Mormonism 101 with Professor Trujillo.
I got in trouble by my sister for not putting her on. I also one uped her choice of car!

Ford Raptor for a BOMB sister!!! 


  1. Ryan, you have officially inspired me and my lesson on Sunday thank you so much and FYI this means I'm totally using what you just said. It is that great!!!

  2. It's amazing how many things are aimed at destroying the body inside and out from piercings, to fast food and even vanity. The one thing we have that the advisary can't have.

    Amazing analogy! Another amazing post!