Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindness ACT 1

I was recently moved by a talk that I read from General Conference by Henry B Eyring called "Opportunities to Do Good". The talk's main subject was being helpful and who and how it helps. I have always thought that each situation we are put in our lives whether it be having children, working, suffering, or anything else is to help us somehow understand our Heavenly Father. One of the best ways we can come to know our Father in Heaven and his love is to serve those around us. When we serve we become His hands in helping and better come to and understanding of the love He feels towards us. As I reflected on this talk I started to think of the service in my life. 

One of my favorite stories of service took place when I was a wee lad, of like 14, (way back in the day). My parents had just divorced and my father had left our family with very little furniture, it was to the point where my mom was sleeping on a futon (not fun). Not long after the initial situation, we received a knock on the door one night. When we answered we realized it was a group of the relief society ladies in our ward who kinda barged in (politely... because they're ladies) carrying furniture that they had gathered together after they had heard of our situation. That day was a remarkable day for my family and I as we felt the love of God through those ladies.

The months that followed were just as much of an adjustment as the beginning. Those faithful daughters of God continued to pull our family in and spoil us with an abundance of love. I remember I wanted to do something extra nice for my mom for her birthday. I decided I was going to paint her room and her furniture to match, to show my appreciation for all the extra effort that was needed on her part due to the circumstances. Tricky part was I wanted it to be a semi-suprise. Like I said I was young, so I don't even remember how it got set up (early Alzheimers), but the same people came to help me buy paint and  keep me from completely ruining my mother's room. They also organized a birthday party at one of their houses, which was a bonus. It turned out to be a very good birthday for my mother when she needed it the most (I remember that part).

Simple acts of kindness have the ability to impact people's lives far beyond we will ever know. Their acts of kindness have influenced me until this day, and have made me watchful for the needs of others. My call to everyone is to find a way to reach out, make sure you are in the situation to help those in need when they need it the most. Heavenly Father sent us to earth to dwell as a family, as brothers and sisters, it is our responsibility to seek out those whose heads hang helplessly low. Let us find the love of Christ as we serve those around us.

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