Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The First Few Moments

I have been thinking lately about how much the first few moments of anything play a significant role in ones life. As an example; when I first started working I got employed at a place where the staff was very family oriented and clean. I was following what I saw everyone else doing because I hadn't established my own way of doing certain tasks. The employees rarely sat around they were very encouraging and keeping the establishment clean was top priority. When I moved to another state I found myself working for the same company but the atmosphere was different. Because I had already had those examples set in my life I still continued the similar routine, I would try to rarely sit around, and I insisted on cleaning things properly before I left for the day.
As time passed the employees would comment and question my ways of working. Making remarks hinting for me to take it easy and sit instead of constantly working, or telling me that I dont have to worry about certain things being so clean, that noone else did it or noticed my work anyway. I would attempt to try the new ways of my atmosphere but it never felt right and I would fall back into my old ways. It seemed that the first place I worked at had set me somewhat in my ways of a employee. This carried on to when I got my own establishment I would try to set the same atmosphere in play. 
I think this idea applies to many parts of our lives, from who we hang out with in our first days of school to how we are raised in our homes. I think especially this plays a role in the time period from birth up until the proper age of baptism being 8 years old. Many people have commented saying that there is no way an 8 year old can clearly understand the concept and promise of baptism. I fully agree, I'm 21and still ponder at the full importance of baptism. However I do feel confident that if the parents apply the teachings of the gospel in their home that their kids will learn and adopt those teachings. So the role isn't so much on the children to understand but on their parents that God has trusted them with to teach them to "walk in the light of the Lord". If they do this the kids will be prepared to make that step and keep the promise they enter into at Baptism.
I know that through living the teaching and example of Christ we can all return to live with our Heavenly Father once more, and I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ.


  1. Great post Ryan! I never really understood why people would have their children baptized so young when they didn't fully understand why. There was a little ceremony at my church with my brother, sister in law and my nephew presenting my nephew to the church. I thought it was like a baptism but it was actually a commitment from my brother and sister in law that they will teach my nephew and be a good example for him. I was baptized when I was 17 at the same church. After not going to church for so long I ended up going back on my own and going with my friends and later I became involved in the church and my youth pastor ended up baptizing me. I grew up in church until I was about 6 and once we moved away we never went back. So i'm very grateful that 8 years later I had friends to lead me back to church. :)

  2. I love this post, Elder. I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to work in a place like that to start off with. I think that is why you had so much success in your working life. Thinking like this motivates me to teach my kids how to work and how to choose right to prepare them for when they are older.